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And the Main Source of News in 2013 is?

via Pew Research Center:

The Pew Research Center’s biennial media attitudes survey, conducted July 17-21, 2013, among 1,480 adults, finds that 50% of the public now cites the internet as a main source for national and international news, up from 43% in 2011. Television (69%) remains the public’s top source for news. Far fewer cite newspapers (28%) or radio (23%) as their main source. (Respondents were allowed to name up to two sources.)

The current media landscape is starkly different than in 2001, when 45% said newspapers were their main source for news and just 13% cited the internet. The percentage turning to television for news has changed little over this same period of time.

[…] Those who use the internet as a main source for news are more likely to say news organizations are politically biased (65%) rather than not politically biased (26%). By contrast, those who do not use the internet to get news are much more divided: 46% say the press is politically biased, 36% say they are not.

Image: Pew Research Center, polls on main news source and online news consumption.

FJP: The colossal report also holds insightful findings of views on watchdog journalism, news accuracy and bias, and journalists’ roles in disseminating news.  

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